Sworn translation


One of the first questions that people tend to ask, is what is sworn translation?


The government, courts, or institutions like a bank or a university typically require a sworn translation of official documents. A sworn translator must pass rigorous exams in each language combination for which they are qualified (English to French and French to English is not the same thing!). The margin for error is miniscule, and the rules and conventions for sworn translation are strict. The task is to translate the source text as accurately as possible, with little to no discretion. If successful, the translator is sworn in as a translator in court with attorneys and advocates. In South Africa, this means that a sworn translator has a stamp that reads “Sworn Translator of the High Court of South Africa, Ex Officio Commissioner of Oaths”. A commissioner of oaths is authorised to make certified copies of documents.


Not all translations require a sworn translation – typical examples include court documents or documents required for immigration or university applications, such as birth certificates, police clearance certificates, bank statements, etc. If you are uncertain whether you require a sworn translation, please feel free to contact us for an assessment.


Mermonts offers sworn translation from English to French and from French to English.


Legal translation

Mermonts specialises in legal translation, our core team having legal qualifications from France, Germany, the United Kingdom and South Africa. Our expertise in both common law and civil law systems places us at a unique advantage in Africa.


Each jurisdiction has its own set of not only laws, but also procedures and customs. The legal jargon can be disorienting for a person outside the industry, especially since it varies from country to country. Even a small detail can change the entire meaning of a contract, so we are here to give you peace of mind.


Our specialist areas include:


  • Tax law

  • Property law

  • Intellectual property

  • Commercial law

  • Company law

  • Notarial law

  • Mining law

  • Litigation

  • Immigration


Mermonts offers legal translation from English to French, French to English, German to English, German to French, and Spanish to English.



Commercial translation

Ever hear the phrase “lost in translation”?


A mistranslation can have consequences that are both awkward and expensive! The world we live in today is multilingual and multifaceted. Commerce has become borderless in many ways, however miscommunication has unfortunately not been eliminated from cross-border collaboration. When a multinational company begins operations in a new country, they need to connect with their local staff in their own language. When two companies are negotiating a cross-border project, they need to have all the relevant information at their disposal in a language that they can take to their board of directors. We can help to bridge that gap.


We understand that time is money, and offer a fast turnaround time on all our translations.


Mermonts offers commercial translation in English to French, French to English, German to English, German to French, Spanish to English, English to Afrikaans and Afrikaans to English.